Items are used by Heroes, and are found when you conquer a World Structure, Bought at an Inn, traded with another Sorcerer Lord, or created via the forge. Items can make your hero nearly invincible. Items can be divided into weapons, shields, Helms, Cloaks, Armor, and Rings.

Heroes can wear 2 rings at one time, and can dual-wield 2 single handed weapons. If wielding a ranged weapon (apart from wands), most heroes can also equip a single handed weapon in the off hand. You can't use a shield with ranged weapons, wands, or a 2 handed weapon.


Weapon Enchantments include an enhancement bonus that gives a bonus to hit and damage. A +1 bonus gives the character +1 to hit and +1 to damage, while a +5 enchantment gives +5 to hit and +5 to damage. A rapier +5 would be +5 to hit and would do 1d6+5 damage (6 to 11 damage), where 1d6 is the rapiers base damage.

Enchantment costs in the Forge are varied, and each enchantment requires a certain base number of spell domain circles to be able to make.

Other enchantments include:

- Speed (+1 Movement): Requires ??Air domains

- Wall Crusher (allows damage to city walls): Requires ??Earth Domain

- Elemental Damage (+1d6 damage of elemental type): Requires respective element (?how many points)

- Ghost Touch (Allows bypassing armor - easier to hit enemies): Requires ????

- Cursed Touch (Decreases enemies ability to hit and AC by 2): Requires ?? Death Circle Points

Two Handed WeaponsEdit

Two Handed Weapons do more base damage than a one handed weapon. You cannot use a shield with a two handed weapon.

One Handed WeaponsEdit

Projectile WeaponsEdit







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