Phantom Warriors are illusions. Their attacks are a matter of arcane power, not physical force and can pierce any armor. They are, however, very fragile.


HP: 16
Mana: -
Level: 1

Movement: 3
Armor Class: 16
Figures: 4

Melee Damage: 16.5
Ranged Damage: -
Magic Damage: -

Fortitude Save: 2
Reflex Save: 3
Will Save: 2

Upkeep Gold: -
Upkeep Food: -
Upkeep Mana: 2
Upkeep Negative Energy: -



Summon - Unit was summoned and belongs to another world.


Construct - Unit is immune to Mind and Death effects, poison, critical hits, Gaze attacks and Positive and Negative energy. They cannot be raised from the dead.
Ethereal - Unit's attacks ignore armor (are more likely to hit).



Armor Class: 16


DMG: 4-11
ACC: +6
CRIT: 20x2

Piercing: 4-11

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