Spells are the "bread and butter" of Planar Conquest.

As a Sorcerer Lord, you can potentially cast a wide variety of spells. On game creation you can distribute points into spell domains. There are 2 sets of 6 domains, (also described as 2 circles), with 1 set containing spells grouped by element, and the second set containing spells by effect. There is also a special Arcane Circle, which contains spells available to all players regardless of their spell skill distribution. All spells belong to 1 element and 1 effect domain (save Arcane, which belong to no effect domain). The more points you put into a domain, the more spells there will be to research, and the higher the spell tier that is available (There will be a table describing this relationship hopefully). Each Domain has up to 9 spell tiers (or levels). Choosing how many points to put into what domain is extremely important in what spells are made available to you.

Note that the spell tiers do not correlate directly with the points put into the domains (i.e. 3 points into fire domain will give you a certain number of tier 1, a certain number of tier 2, a certain number of tier 3 spells, etc.).

Acquisition: Spells are acquired through either research, trading with other sorcerer lords, or found in World Structures. You can also find whole spell domains at some World Structures.

Arcane CircleEdit

Arcane Spells

Effect CircleEdit

Augmentation Spells

Biomancy Spells

Destruction Spells

Mentalism Spells

Protection Spells

Summoning Spells

Elemental CircleEdit

Air Spells

Death Spells

Earth Spells

Fire Spells

Life Spells

Water Spells